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What is this industry, internet marketing, all about? It is a new program in the home business arena. Nevertheless, it is competitive, bringing fresh ideas and new tactics to the table that other marketing companies have not been found to offer. For example, incentives that makes the novice internet marketer believe that he/she CAN be successful working from home. Today let's explore internet marketing to determine if it has what it takes to help you believe and see that anyone can be a successful internet marketer. After looking at what several internet marketing companies had to offer to the home business entrepreneur, there were many differences that keeps certain companies in a class of its own.

The main similarity is that most companies online specialize in software and an overabundance of ebooks that teach online users how to market online and make money. Most companies have everything from software to add audio to a site to ebooks that reveal the secrets to effective marketing online. Members of internet marketing companeies obtain full resale rights of all of these materials.

The primary difference is the large library of industry specific videos that one internet marketing company offers all members. These videos, according to the CEO and sponsors, can cost up to $1500 per minute for someone to have produced outside of the company. This company gives its members the opportunity to resell these industry specific videos to website owners at a fraction of the cost. On the site it is revealed that these videos can be sold to any type of business, for example, a real estate agent to help in promoting the business online. Most importantly each member can set their own price for the industry specific flash videos and keep 100% of the price they chose to sell the flash videos.

Another big differentiation between the internet marketing companies is the way in which members are paid. Most internet marketing companies have a flash presentation that details the process to becoming an internet millionaire. There are four separate income streams that one internet marketing company members have available to them. Here are some highlights: 1) Members earn between $300 and $900 for each of their personal product pack sales 2) The company has matching override commissions. This means that when a member sponsors and trains a new member, both members benefit financially long term because the sponsor receives a matching commission amount of up to $900 for every personal sale their members make.

3) Product sales from the library of industry specific flash videos and ebooks 4) Administration fees are paid to the members of up to $50 of the $75 monthly members ship fee. The monthly membership fee entitles each member to the additional flash videos and products the company adds the member library monthly. An additional incentive is how some internet marketing companies provides support to its members. This is a compensation plan that rewards team work. They have five opportunity calls per week and always invited questions, comments, and concerns via any communication modality 24/7.

In addition to this there are team trainings for all members and exclusive, members only, resources that walks the members through the steps to become successful online, at ones own pace, be it fast or slow. In conclusion, there are definitely internet marketing companies that have programs that are set up for a newbie or a seasoned internet marketer to succeed. With ongoing trainings and support that some online companies lack, this makes be on the look out for a perfect internet marketing company fit for anyone interested in supplementing or replacing their income in an online home based business. There are companies that offers the right combination of products, commissions, teamwork, and support for its members. Copyright (c) 2008 Carla Chase.

Carla Chase is a full time internet marketer who works with other industry leading internet marketers from around the world. She specializes in helping others succeed in marketing online home businesses. For more information on high ticket programs and online success visit => http://www.csuccesswithchase.com

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