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Why Most Affiliates Fail
by Ratliff J

Ever wonder how some affiliates make thousands per month, while many other struggle to make a few hundred?

The reasons are usually quite common. In one word: marketing! Not only does this relate to how well you market your websites or links, but also how well the sales page is marketed for the product you are selling. This may be controlled by you or the affiliate manager for the program you are involved in.

So, the question becomes, How do I earn thousands instead of hundreds?

The answer: Follow a few tips, and always keep an eye out for new oppurtunities.

Tip #1: Concentrate on the majority of the searhc engine traffic. Having a number 10 rank on the most popular search engine will generate more traffic than a number 1 spot on a small engine. See the link near the bottom of this page for a guide.

Tip #2: Generate more sales by sharing a piece of the pie. If you are struggling to make sales, have you tried starting your own affiliate program?

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About the Author
J. Ratliff has been using affiliate marketing for over 3 years. Please visit the Internet Cash System for more information. This article may be reprinted by anyone, as long as the links remain intact with the article.