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Dont Waste Money on that Website

If you have a website, do you know how effective it is? If you don't have a website and you're thinking of trying one for your business, do you know the difference between an effective website and one that is a waste of money? The questions that follow will help you plan for the success of your website, regardless of if you're redesigning a website or if you're brand new to this online business marketplace. - Does your website have a goal? Many websites are designed to generate sales while others are educational websites. Still other websites' entire purpose is to gather leads. Take the time to think of the goal of your website.

The design of your website depends on your goals. If you're not clear on those goals, your website won't be effective. - Who will benefit from your website? Your language, content, and pictures will all need to be targeted towards your audience. A website for attorneys will be different from a website for people hoping to sign up for a class action lawsuit.

- How do you want people to navigate through your site? This ties in directly to a different question. If you have a clear goal, getting the customer to that goal should be clear and simple. Easy and simple navigation is much better than fancy animated redirects. - Does each page of your website have a call to action? People often need to be told what to do when surfing the net. Otherwise, they will simply wander. Captivate, educate, and motivate.

- How will you gauge the effectiveness of your website? Are you trying to generate large numbers of visitors? Do you want people to sign up? Do you want people to purchase items from your store? Do you want people to come to a physical location? Whatever your goal, you need some way of measuring it. Otherwise, how will you know what works and what doesn't? Regardless of if you're designing your own website or are paying a professional to design one for you, you need clear answers to each of these questions before taking the next step. The clearer and more concrete your answers are, the more effective your website will be.

And we all know what a more effective website means- taking your business to the next level!.

Before you try to build your own website, make sure you check out LMDesigning's beautiful and affordable website designs. Lisa's websites have built many business from nothing to six figures with her affordable website designs.

Affiliate Marketing

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