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Real Estate Lead Generation

Starting a career in Real Estate? Need to Generate leads? Although unexperienced, entering the market with the right tools and knowledge will jump-start your career and take you to the next level. It's no surprise that over 90% of Buyers and Sellers are now starting their searches online. With these high percentages, it's common knowledge that Realtors must have an online marketing strategy to obtain leads and convert them into sales.

Here are 4 helpful Tips For Realtors that will lead to a successful career: Market Research - for a Realtor this is an easier task - you know your product. However, you must think of a way to distinguish your product from the competition. This industry is very saturated, and if you don't stand out you are bound to be average, or out of business.

So think of your target market, get specific. Realtors now specialize in areas, sub-areas, type of dwelling etc. For example to survive in the Manhattan market, to really stand out you have to brand yourself. If you were really creative you might brand yourself in a certain area (Greenwich Village), and even more you might be a loft specialist. When any Buyer or Seller is thinking of buying or selling in Greenwich Village you want to be one of the first people that comes to mind, especially when dealing with a loft - you are the authority on the subject.

So online, you need to come up with key phrases that target this niche, so when a Buyer or Seller (90% of them) is searching online, your website is at the top of the list! Product Development - Develop a product that will drive traffic to your site, then convert that traffic into a lead, then a deal. Obviously, many Realtors have blogs and personal websites which are great for branding themselves and web presence, but is your name or your company's name ever typed into a search engine? 90% of the time, the answer is no. For example, if I want to buy a loft condo in Greenwich Village unless I already have a Realtor (we are not looking for these people) I would type in "Greenwich Village Lofts" or something similar to this. To capture the potential clients we are looking for, we must have that key phrase (our niche) to be a top result in search engines. It is the phrase not your name, or your companies name that will produce results.

Traffic - here comes your marketing skills. As a Realtor you MUST have traffic or you are doomed. Niche marketing is definitely the most effective and efficient tool for Realtors looking to market online. Having niche targeted websites is becoming the future of online marketing for Realtors! Having personal branded websites is important but you also need a website that gets top search engine rankings for Buyers, and another website that gets top search engine ranking for Sellers. For this, you need websites that are Search Engine Optimized (SEO) and tailored to your specific market.

Conversion - this is what truly matters. All of the traffic in the world means nothing unless you can convert. After some Realtors obtain an online lead, they will offer a free Buyer's or Seller's eBook as a way to introduce themselves.

When you have reached this point, it's time to do your job as a Real Estate Professional and provide them with your expertise. I hope you found this article helpful and wish you all the best in your Real Estate Career.

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Affiliate Marketing

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