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Whats the Meaning of Making Money Online

I ran into a discussion and I thought I would share it with you. The discussion was on money and its value. I thought it pertains greatly to being successful while making money online.

When thinking about money, what comes to your mind? How do you feel about money? People in general are misinformed regarding money. They let money dictate who they are and what levels they will achieve. Some people like money and others are indifferent. Some people would like to go back to the days of bartering but most people would rather use money as a medium of trading to make purchases.

Where does this take us regarding making money online or working from home? If we are dealing with money, are we not also dealing with banks? Of course, after all, banks make money (create it) and they set the value of money. This is where our controversies begin to raise their ugly head. You see, banks control money but most people believe governments control the money. I'm going to go off on a tangent for a minute to make a point.

In network marketing, as a business owner (or affiliate marketer), we are the "go between" between the producer and the consumer. The "go between" is the middle man in traditional or the wholesaler. In banking, the bank is the middleman or wholesale in the trade or marketing of money. Once you understand that, you will see banks in a different light.

Banks are merchants in money trade even though they are directly related to the creation of money. The reason there is some controversial issues with money and banking is because of the relationship that exists between banks and money creation. Years ago, money was related directly to precious metals that were held by the banking industry. At that point, money had real value.

I remember, sitting in a lecture where the speaker was talking about the value of money and how it has depreciated over time. He talked about what $100 would have bought 100 years ago. He went thru a list of products and services including a suit, haircut, meal and more. He went on to give the average costs of all those items today and the costs was 7-10 times. After relating the cost of living to the equation, the products and services still cost a lot more.

We are going to get back to working from home in just a minute. We have to look at the person or people that have an affliction to someone working for themselves. Most people living today have this "job mentality". We all grew up in the "job" world.

Our parents had jobs and we have jobs. Our children are either just getting into the job market or are working jobs for the summer. That lecture that I sat in, the people 100 years ago worked for themselves.

They were entrepreneurs. Read this carefully: MOST PEOPLE DON'T LIKE ENTREPRENERS BECAUSE THEY ARE JELOUS. They don't have a problem with the owner of their company that THEY WORK FOR.

They have a problem with their cousin, sister or friend that they have known all their lives trying to step out of their "role" of being average (or below average) to becoming something. They secretly wish they were rich but they are afraid to do something about it. They also buy the lottery tickets because this is a way of becoming rich without being criticized. We also feel the same way about money. If we don't have it, how can we deserve it? If we try to make it, then others that we know (and also don't have it) will criticize us for trying to break out of our place.

Now you can see why working from home is so difficult. This is a mentality that you have to break through. If you need help, here it is: I GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO BE RICH. I'm not God and I can't give you the ultimate authority but if you want, God himself will give you permission. All you need to do is ask! Unfortunately, some of you will go out and ask your broke neighbor for permission to make money and move into the gated community and he'll laugh and say, "come on, you know money is not for you, I'll take my vacation when you take yours and we can both paint our houses together." I hope I beat the fear of success out of you so you can move forward and make money from home in your own home based business.

You can be successful. We were meant to be successful. There is a saying out there: "money is the root of all evil".

The way it is meant is: "the love of money is the root of all evil". That's not quite correct either. Here is what it should be: "money begotten by evil means and used for evil purposes is the root of all evil." Conversely, "money begotten by good terms and used for good terms is the root of success and the path of love".

What are your goals? Are they of good intent? If you need motivation to make money, we need entrepreneurs that are willing to put forth the effort to make money and join us as Humanitarian Ambassadors. All we ask of you is to follow your dream and help someone and work to save our environment.

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