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Work At Home and Get RichBut Before You Start Get The Three Keys That You Must Have

There is no happiness except in the realization that we have accomplished something.
--Henry Ford Too often we are reminded of the staggering failure rate of those who start a home business, and attempt to answer the cry of their entrepreneurial spirit, as it raises it's voice in a beckoning cry to be heard. The discouraging statistics are massive enough to cause the strongest, who desire to work from home, to quickly change their direction and rush to embrace the icy arms of Corporate America.

But, have you ever considered, just like anything else, there is a correct and incorrect way to operate a home business? If your goal is to operate a home business correctly, then you must first have the correct key ingredients in place. It's been said that many home businesses fail because lack of, or inadequate leadership. If your seeking proper leadership in a home business, your are probably seeking the wrong ingredient. Though leadership is good, and highly necessary, when you settle for good leadership alone, you settle for the good and not the best. the good act as a counterfeit and you buy into it, never to benefit from the best. I can hear you now.

"how dare this gent utter such statements.why everyone knows that leadership if anything is a must". I am confident that you will clearly agree with me in a few moments Here are some crucial ingredients that must be in place when considering a home business: # 1 - The Company Must Provide a Solid Income Opportunity.

While there are many reason's why people everywhere are starting a Home Business everyday. It is impossible not to acknowledge the truth that without a financial reward, there would be no home businesses, neither Corporate America for that matter. Yes, there is room for volunteer work, but you can't go buy groceries with volunteered hours, you need money or a representation thereof. Here are some keys to consider.

A) When there is a purchase of your product, or service, are you paid substantially more then it cost you to attain the purchasing customer. B) Is the financial reward large enough for your business to almost immediately become self sustaining, and place you into immediate profits. C) Is there a proven system in place that you can plug into and place your Business on Auto Pilot. These are all crucial factors which will ultimately determine your success or failure. Usually when someone starts a home business, it is to make enough money to have more free time with their families. So the most important ingredient that must be addressed is the Financial Reward associated with each transaction when a purchase is made.

Failure to address this can cost you so much more than you bargain for in the short run. I say short run, because there will not be a long run. You won't make it. # 2 - Will your leadership offer a personal hands on touch in the beginning and through out the life of your business to better ensure your success. It's been said that a relationship without communication is to have music without sound, you have nothing at all.

This truth has been echoed by a like truth which states that communication either builds bridges or walls. I will journey quite a bit further and say that a very hands on high touch approach to communication will prove to be the most effective way of communication, thus establishing the strongest bridge that will better ensure your success. I touched on leadership, and referred to it as the good and not the best. The key ingredient that you should look for beyond leadership, is mentorship. Think about it. Who leads the company that you now work for? Can you quote their name? However, do you know them personally? If so, chances are that the company is small, and your dreams are much bigger than any opportunity that the company could ever provide you.

Either way, you get the picture. Leadership is something that in many cases will take place from a distance. While mentorship in order to be true, it must be personal. Go to the people. Learn from them.

Live with them. Start with what they know. Build with what they have. The best of leaders when the job is done, when the task is accomplished, the people will say we have done it ourselves. --Lao Tzu This my friend is Mentorship! # 3 - Is there a No Cost, Low Cost Proven Marketing System that you merely plug into.

Every business, every endeavor, every topic, whether for fun or profit only happens if it gets marketed in some way. No matter how great the buesiness, service, or product is, if it is not effectively marketed in a effective way.the only guarantee that you have is failure. Don't let this frighten you in the lease bit. Effective no cost, low cost marketing is not rocket science neither does it require 1% of the financial resources that even a measly education will cost you to attain. We have all heard that word of mouth advertising is the most effective method of advertising.

This is true for countless of reasons. However, this is not the preferred method that you and I desire to forge. Neither will it be. Take note however, that word of mouth advertising costs you nothing but a few words of recommendation, coupled with time.

That's a whole lot better than hundreds or even thousands of dollars in paid advertising with the inability to accurately determined the results. Many of the top income earners of home business simply know how to use no cost and low cost marketing strategies' and techniques very effectively. Take this country for example, and all the great liberties, opportunities, and resources which we enjoy everyday, because of the power of freedom. Now, consider all the possibility, opportunity, and liberty that is up for grabs in the freedom of no cost (FREE) low cost marketing. There are many home business owners who rely on no cost low cost marketing alone, some who never spend a dime on marketing, yet are generating six figures a year and some more than that.

Remember the difference between you and those whom I just mentioned is the how to, the proper execution of the how to, and time. How would you like to take control of your life, time, finances, live the life that you've always dreamed of, and at the same time be rewarded very handsomely for simply plugging into a proven system, which is working for thousands nationally and internationally. Copyright (c) 2007 Antonio Easter.

Antonio Easter is a Master Internet Marketer, Home Business Mentor, and Coach, who specializes in helping people from all walks of life, walk away from their job within 30 days or less. He accomplishes with Highly Coveted Explosive Marketing Secrets. Start On Your Way To Making A Powerful 5-6 Figure Monthly Income Now Click Here http://www.100keverymonth.com

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